So can we talk about how super excited I feel that the 90s are basically back. I mean between Fuller House, The Gilmore Girls, a Clinton running for office. . .we are legit back in the 90s.

Okay back on subject. . .



HEY ARNOLD! It is back and I can not wait to see it.  Right now Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is set to come out sometime in 2017. It is said that it will be a TV movie running about 2 hours. According to Nickelodeon, the movie will pick up from where the originals series ended back in 2004. On top of the we will also be getting some much needed answers that were never revealed.

Not only is there a new movie, but our beloved characters got some SERIOUS upgrades! Today at Comic-Con in San Diego, Nickelodeon reviled the first-look at the new character art for some of our favorite characters.


Dang Arnold look at you!!! Now he really does not have any major upgrades. But the clothing change makes him look so sooo much cooler. Arnold now sports a jacket instead of just a sweater. He is still rocking the long shirt and jeans. Although, the shirt seems to be pulled up a bit so it no longer looks like a dress. And it would not be our beloved Arnold without the little hate and “football head”. Way to be Arnold!


NO NOT THE HAIR!! So one of the most noticeable changes in Arnolds best friend Gerald is that his hair is now shorter! Why?! Just WHY! What was wrong with the fro man!! Well besides the hair now gone, he also sports some brand new sneakers and hoodie. Way to look sharp Gerald!


Our favorite person to both hate and love. Helga. Of all the characters her looks has had the least amount of changes. Really the only thing I can tell that has changed would be her dress. And even that is not a major change. But girl you’re tough  so work it!


My oh my oh my. Phoebe you’re looking good! Out of all the characters she has DEFINITELY had the most changes. From the hair all the way to her shoes. This girl is brand new all around. Apart from the glasses of course! Girl you do your thang you beauty queen!!

And just in case your hearts can’t take anymore. Lets end this post with a nice reunion. #longlivethe90s Check out this brand new image from the film.



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