It’s BACKKK! Blair Witch


Please hold while I have a mini meltdown!! I mean oh my oh my I am SO excited that after all these years, they are FINALLY coming out with a sequel to The Blair Witch Project. I mean that was probably ONE of the best horror movies I have seen. The sequel which is titled Blair Witch is set to come out Sept 16.

According to reports

Blair Witch was secretly shot in Vancouver, hiding in plain sight under the name The Woods. You sneaky sneaky people. The movie follows Heather Donahue’s brother (played by James Allen McCune), who is on a hunt to find out what happened to his long lost sister. I mean do you blame the guy? I would be kind of curious myself!

CoBph_SWYAANTrSNow. Can we just give everyone who worked on this film a round of applause. They did a really REALLY good job at keeping this on the DL. I mean you legit, would have had to gone looking for this to find out any information prior to the release of the teaser and now full trailer.


I have to say I’m rather impressed with how this looks so far. But then again every single time I get high hopes for something I get let down. Fingers crossed this is a good one! Take a look and let me know what you think:-)



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