Wanna Know A Secret? PLL Star Ashley Benson Has One!

JJ Duncan

It’s no secret that this season of Pretty Little Liars has been beyond crazy! So many questions we have had for YEARS are finally getting answered. Although I’m the process we have also added more questions. With only six episodes to go we hope the answers are revealed soon!!

In a recent interview with seventeen magazine, Ashley Benson who plays Hanna Marin may have let a little secret of her own slip! In the interview the actress talks about the relationship between Spencer and Toby.

Here is what she said.

“I really thought Toby and Spencer were really cute together,” she shared. “They were just so cute. They had a lot of things in common. They loved books and could teach each other things and they were very, very cute together.”

Ashley added, “I was sad that they ended up not being together. But I’ve always loved them.”

Wait. What?! Does this mean that Spoby has no future? Is there no hope for their romantic relationship? This is so heartbreaking. I don’t know about you all, but I definitely kept hope alive for these two!!


Disney ABC Television- PLL


I guess we will just have to keep watching to get all of our questions answered!

Read the entire interview here: http://www.seventeen.com/celebrity/movies-tv/news/a47145/ashley-benson-hints-that-spencer-and-toby-might-not-reunite-on-pretty-little-liars/

What do you think about this news? Leave comments below!:)



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