The Frozen Sequel is Finally Happening


Oh my gosh FINALLY! I seriously feel like it has been FOREVER since they originally announced this sequel. Like at this point I was seriously having some doubts about it.

However, a new interview with Jonathan Groff  (the actor who plays Kristoff) might have let some information spill!

This is what he had to say in his interview with the 36 questions podcast:

“I just got an email yesterday where I’m about to go into the recording studio in a couple of weeks, or maybe a month? I’m just excited that I’m in it, you know? Excited to be in it, and that creative team is also just so amazing. So I’m excited to get back in a room with them and play around.”

All good things, all good things. I’m pretty excited that this is in the works! How do you feel? Ready for Frozen 2!?

Oh and Jonathan, just keep spilling all that tea for us please! We definitely do not mind.

Click here to listen to the full interview:


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