Attention All You Star Wars Fans: Episode IX’ Gets a New Writer

Recently, it has been revealed that the Star Wars: Episode IX will be mixing things up a bit by getting a new writer.

Director Colin Trevorrow has already been working with his writing partner on a recent draft of the upcoming film. Obviously since they are now hiring a new writer, things did not work out as expected. Or everyone just despised whatever it is they came up with.
The new writer will be none other than Jack Thorne!
Wait. What? Who?
Really, don’t feel bad if you have no idea who this guy is. To be honest neither have I. BUT after some quick research I did find out that he has previously written for some TV series such as: National Treasure, The Last Panthers, and Glue.
Again I have never heard of these but have FULL confidence that this guy will do an INCREDIBLE job writing Star Wars. IF not. . . . well he just has a LOT of angry fans to deal with!
Best of luck Jack!

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