Azealia Banks Goes Off About Cardi B

card.jpg VS sdfds

Ohhhh SNAP! Azelia Banks is coming after Cardi B. once again and she’s not holding back! Wait. . .I feel like this same thing happened with Iggy a few years ago. . . .

The 26-year old calls Cardi B. Fake and says:

“Don’t get me wrong I’m very entertained by Cardi B, and I really like ‘Bodak Yellow’. That’s a really good song, but you are not that girl.”

She continues to say,

“It’s just truth, it’s just the truth, you know what I’m saying? I’m not trying to take anything from you, but you’re just like — you know it’s like this female rap thing, it’s like a lineage. It’s a real fire that burns in a soul, you don’t have that fire. “

If that’s not enough for you just keep reading. . .

“I’m very happy for your success and I love your come-up and I love, like, seeing you smile and having a good time. But this like, woman’s expression, this black woman’s expression… just the fire of the black woman’s expression… You don’t have it, Cardi. And you won’t get it, because it’s not you.”

Um. . .DANG! Banks is just letting her have it.

But the thing is, how does she know what Cardi B. does and does not have? It’s unclear as to why she is having such a meltdown about the rapper.

Although, she has had similar meltdowns on other artist as well so who really knows. It could be jealousy or just trying to get back into the spot light? I fee like that may be a little bit of a stretch but eh.

Cardi B. , ignore the haters girl and just do you girl!

What do you all think?!


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