Klaus And Caroline Are To Be Reunited on “The Originals” and It’s Amazing

A few months ago it was announced that Klaus and Caroline were to be reunited, but we didn’t get much information as to WHY this is happening. I mean obviously since Hope (Klaus’s daughter) is going to Caroline’s school that could be why. But is there more to the story?

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‘AHS: Cult’ Creator Ryan Murphy Confirms Tuesdays Episode of Mass Shooting Will Be Edited


American Horror Story: Cult had planned for their newest episode on Tuesday to show a mass shooting scene. However, given the horrible events recently, this has been changed.

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Scream Queens Cancelled! Not Renewed for a Third Season.

scream queens 2


For all you Scream Queens out there get ready to scream one last time! Fox has announced that they will not allow the show to come back for another season.

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It’s BACKKK! Blair Witch


Please hold while I have a mini meltdown!! I mean oh my oh my I am SO excited that after all these years, they are FINALLY coming out with a sequel to The Blair Witch Project. I mean that was probably ONE of the best horror movies I have seen. The sequel which is titled Blair Witch is set to come out Sept 16.

According to reports

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