Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish Are Expecting!!

Kevin Hart Western Connecticut
Kevin Hart and wife Eniko Parrish made an announcement earlier this morning that they are expecting their first child! How exciting for them!!
Kevin posted to Instagram:
“Celebrating Mother’s Day with my beautiful wife. We are laughing at the fact that this time next year we will be celebrating her 1st actual Mother’s Day. #Harts #Blessed
The 37-year old actor and comedian also released the gender of the baby! A sweet little baby BOY!!
AWWW! How precious is that?! Congrats to the both of you! 🙂

Lady Gaga Returns to New York!

To say this has been a CRAZY year for this lady is an understatement! Not only did she give an incredible performance at the Super Bowl and Coachella, but she has also been promoting her new album, single (THE CURE), and a movie to top it all off! Good lord girl take a breath!!
Mother Monster was spotted in New York finishing up some scenes for her new movie A Star Is Born.
This will be the third time the movie has been remade since 1954. Lady Gaga stars along side Bradley Cooper who is also directing it. This is the first time in months she has been back to her home town. Hopefully she takes some time to relax and be with family in between filming.

Gilmore Girls is BACK with a new trailer AND release date! Try to take deep breaths.


OMG OMG OMG! The Gilmore Girls trailer is here and FANTASTIC!! On top of that we got an official RELEASE date! Praise the lord baby jesus!!

NOVEMBER 25th can not get here soon enough!

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It’s BACKKK! Blair Witch


Please hold while I have a mini meltdown!! I mean oh my oh my I am SO excited that after all these years, they are FINALLY coming out with a sequel to The Blair Witch Project. I mean that was probably ONE of the best horror movies I have seen. The sequel which is titled Blair Witch is set to come out Sept 16.

According to reports

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So can we talk about how super excited I feel that the 90s are basically back. I mean between Fuller House, The Gilmore Girls, a Clinton running for office. . .we are legit back in the 90s.

Okay back on subject. . .



HEY ARNOLD! It is back and I can not wait to see it.  Right now Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is set to come out sometime in 2017. It is said that it will be a TV movie running about 2 hours. According to Nickelodeon, the movie will pick up from where the originals series ended back in 2004. On top of the we will also be getting some much needed answers that were never revealed.

Not only is there a new movie, but our beloved characters got some SERIOUS upgrades! Today at Comic-Con in San Diego, Nickelodeon reviled the first-look at the new character art for some of our favorite characters.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2016 IT’S BACK!!


Ladies and Gentlemen it is FINALLY HERE!!!! Are you ready?? The 2016 San Diego Comic-Con has officially started!! AHH! So exciting right!?!

The big event is going on from July 21st to July 24th. Fans are in for a real treat this year as they get to see sooo much from Marvel, Star Trek, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and much MUCH more!!  I will be keeping you updated on the highlights from the event!

If there is anything specific you would like to know or see that I have not posted from the event please PLEASE let me know and I will post it!:-)

Here is the FULL schedule for this incredible weekend!

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