And Son of the Year Goes To. ..

Rob Kardashian! That’s right, you go man!! 163789883

Earlier this week the 29- year olds mom Kris Jenner was involved in a scary car accident that involved her Rolls Royce being hit by an alleged prius at a red light. Supposedly the Prius just ran right on through, not caring if it was green or not.

If people would just learn how to drive the world would be a better place. I mean seriously it’s not that hard to follow simple rules. Red = Stop and Green = go. Come on people!

Sadly Kris did reportedly break her wrist in the crash. This family seriously has the worst luck.

The KUWTK momma received balloons from her son that read “Love You Mom.” Awe! Please hold as I run and grab some tissues. That is the sweetest thing EVER!

Kim K Vs. Taylor Swift Round 3


I mean DANG girl! You just throwing shade after shade to this girl! A lot of you may not like her! But you gotta give her some major props for DEFENDING her man! You all KNOW you would be doing the same thing!2FC7CD9E00000578-3386291-image-a-1_1452043448949

Okay so as many of you know or at least may know, Kim K released a series of videos recording conversations with Taylor talking to Kanye about his song “Famous”. Long story short. While Taylor went on SEVERAL radio stations, talk shows, and lord only knows what else talking about how she did not approve the song. Then bashing Kanye left and right, saying that she was hurt he would do something like that. Blah blah blah. Well turns out she DID give him permission to use the lyrics. . . .

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