Carrie Underwood Needed at Least 40 Stitches in Her Face After Falling


This poor girl has had it pretty rough for the past few months. In addition to needing surgery on her wrist, it has now been revealed that she also needed SEVERAL stitches in her face.

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‘Jigsaw’ SLAYS at the Box Office This Weekend!

I have to admit I was a little nervous when this movie was first announced. I feel like there are so SO SO many of these ‘Saw’ movies. But I mean DANG they did a good job with this one!
The grand total of Jigsaw was a HUGE $16.2 million this weekend.
Of course it makes sense as to why it did so great. It’s Halloween time and people (most people) LOVE their scary movies. This one certainly gives viewers quite a few scares.
Right behind Jigsaw was Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween at $10 million.
I mean that is still a lot of money for one weekend.
What did you see?

‘AHS: Cult’ Creator Ryan Murphy Confirms Tuesdays Episode of Mass Shooting Will Be Edited


American Horror Story: Cult had planned for their newest episode on Tuesday to show a mass shooting scene. However, given the horrible events recently, this has been changed.

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And Son of the Year Goes To. ..

Rob Kardashian! That’s right, you go man!! 163789883

Earlier this week the 29- year olds mom Kris Jenner was involved in a scary car accident that involved her Rolls Royce being hit by an alleged prius at a red light. Supposedly the Prius just ran right on through, not caring if it was green or not.

If people would just learn how to drive the world would be a better place. I mean seriously it’s not that hard to follow simple rules. Red = Stop and Green = go. Come on people!

Sadly Kris did reportedly break her wrist in the crash. This family seriously has the worst luck.

The KUWTK momma received balloons from her son that read “Love You Mom.” Awe! Please hold as I run and grab some tissues. That is the sweetest thing EVER!