Ariana Grandes Tribute to Whitney Huston. She slayyys!!!

Ariana Grande pays wonderful tribute to the late Whitney Huston on the music series Greatest Hits Thursday (August 4). And can I just say, she KILLED it!  I mean I don’t care if you do or do not like this girl. She has a voice that gives you the chills. Not to mentioned her outfit which was PERFECT!

This 23-year old singer performed “How Will I Know” and “Queen of the Night.”


I mean I don’t care if you do or do not like this girl. She has one AMAZING voice!

Earlier this evening Ariana posted to her instagram ‘arianagrande thank you so much @greatesthitsabc 😌 honored & grateful to have been a part. #howwilliknow#queenofthenight


Watch the video below:

Gilmore Girls is BACK with a new trailer AND release date! Try to take deep breaths.


OMG OMG OMG! The Gilmore Girls trailer is here and FANTASTIC!! On top of that we got an official RELEASE date! Praise the lord baby jesus!!

NOVEMBER 25th can not get here soon enough!

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ATTENTION AHS FANS! The teaser trailers for season 6 have arrived!!

Alright all you American Horror Story fans!! Get ready to have your minds BLOWN!! Below is 3 teaser trailers from the new season. Now even though these really do not show much, I have to admit, they seem pretty creepy! This means we are just one step closer to finding out what this season is REALLY about! Rumors have spread that one possibility is “American Horror Story Forest.” 

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Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them


So let’s talk about how OBSESSED I am with HARRY POTTER. Not only is the Cursed Child set to come out at the end of this month. But now we are getting more and more trailers from Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them! I legit screamed when I saw the new trailer. It looks, well. . magical! That is the first word that comes to my mind.

So on top of the new trailer, which I will of course be leaving below for EVERYONE to just enjoy the amazingness that it is; Eddie Redmayne appears during Comic-Con with a HUGE surprise to the his fans!

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Here Comes The Bride! High School Musical Star Ties the Knot!!


It is always a wonderful thing to see two people who love one another tie the knot! Well that is EXACTLY what “High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu just did!! On July 23 he married his long time girlfriend actress Sasha Clements, 26. I mean if you follow either of these two on social media you can LEGIT see how happy they are!

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Kim K Vs. Taylor Swift Round 3


I mean DANG girl! You just throwing shade after shade to this girl! A lot of you may not like her! But you gotta give her some major props for DEFENDING her man! You all KNOW you would be doing the same thing!2FC7CD9E00000578-3386291-image-a-1_1452043448949

Okay so as many of you know or at least may know, Kim K released a series of videos recording conversations with Taylor talking to Kanye about his song “Famous”. Long story short. While Taylor went on SEVERAL radio stations, talk shows, and lord only knows what else talking about how she did not approve the song. Then bashing Kanye left and right, saying that she was hurt he would do something like that. Blah blah blah. Well turns out she DID give him permission to use the lyrics. . . .

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It’s BACKKK! Blair Witch


Please hold while I have a mini meltdown!! I mean oh my oh my I am SO excited that after all these years, they are FINALLY coming out with a sequel to The Blair Witch Project. I mean that was probably ONE of the best horror movies I have seen. The sequel which is titled Blair Witch is set to come out Sept 16.

According to reports

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