Fight For Women’s Rights! Pink Tells Recording Academy President Just How It Is


Okay, for those of you who were fortunate enough to miss the Grammys. . .you actually missed a lot. Now granted SOME of the performances were on point, and CERTAIN people really did DESERVE to win. HOWEVER, the amount of WOMEN who won were extremely few. . . and by few I mean THREE out of the SEVENTY FIVE nominations. Yeah. . I can understand where the frustration comes from.

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Lady Gaga Returns to New York!

To say this has been a CRAZY year for this lady is an understatement! Not only did she give an incredible performance at the Super Bowl and Coachella, but she has also been promoting her new album, single (THE CURE), and a movie to top it all off! Good lord girl take a breath!!
Mother Monster was spotted in New York finishing up some scenes for her new movie A Star Is Born.
This will be the third time the movie has been remade since 1954. Lady Gaga stars along side Bradley Cooper who is also directing it. This is the first time in months she has been back to her home town. Hopefully she takes some time to relax and be with family in between filming.

First Lady Michelle Obama Gets Down With Her Bad Self!

The “Carpool Karaoke” segment is always amusing to watch! I mean come on, we all LOVE it! In the latest episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. He had a very very special guest for this weeks “Carpool Karaoke”. The one and only First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA!

Between The First Lady, James (who is always hilarious), and the incredible Missy Elliott they all jammed out to some classics! Absolutely killing it as they go.

Here is the list of songs they sang:

Missy Elliott: “Get Your Freak On.”

Stevie Wonder: “Sign, Sealed, Delivered.”

Beyonce: “Single Ladies.”

Watch below as they all Get Their Freak On!!!