Justin Timberlake 2018 Pepsi Superbowl Halftime Performance


It truly wasn’t the worst performance in the world. It just . . . underperformed a bit.

Justin Timberlake performed for the 2018 Pepsi Superbowl Halftime Show at the US. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn

So one thing that was extremely impressive was that he actually chose to sing all his old songs, and not many off of his new album. GOOD move there! At least we were able to jam out to some of our old favorites!

And having Jimmy Fallon introduce him was just amazing and cute! BFFs FOREVER you two!

Now, he had an opportunity to make this Superbowl performance HUGE! I mean for crying out loud Justin could have had Timbaland, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Jay-Z. . .oh yeah and NSYNC!

In addition to that, he spent more time dancing and running around than actually singing. It’s understandable that he was probably running out of breath from excitement and moving around so much. We heard more of the backtrack then him. I mean you’re really not that old man.

Of course poor guy was going to have it rough either way. Considering LADY GAGA was the Superbowl Performer last year. . . he had a LOT to live up to. She had drones, jumped off a freaking building, and then flew around everyone. Oh and she sang live for 13 minutes straight with no backtracks.

So yeah. . .that’s a lot to go up against.

Oh and what was with the Prince tribute??!?! Not that Prince isn’t missed dearly. But what did he have to do with Justin or this performance?

Again, I could not begin to imagine how nervous he must have been. I mean think about how many people are watching the Superbowl. At least he tried and sang some old stuff we could all jam out to for a bit.

But seriously. . . NSYNC or Janet could have helped this performance.

I was expecting more from this. Much more.